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GUILD TV Saturday April 2, 2011 from 10pm

GUILD TV Saturday April 2, 2011 from 10pm

Host: Guild TV has started! Good evening viewers and good evening Guild!
All members: Good evening!
Host: Well, let's get started with introductions.
Ryuichi: I'm the vocalist, Ryuichi.
Yoshihiro: I'm the guitarist, Yoshihiro
Takuma: I'm the bassist, Takuma
Ko-ichi: I'm Ko-ichi, on drums
Host: Well then, you can participate in this edition of Guild TV via Twitter., So first let's go through how you can join in on the broadcast. Ryuichi could you please do it?
Ko-ichi: Yes, hash potato!
Ryuichi: Uhh, hash potato? No. no...Viewers from abroad please follow "musicJAPANplus" and Japanese viewers, please follow "jp_mjp" Twitter accounts. Once you're a follower, please tweet messages directed at that account and include the hash tag #GUILDTV, which is used exclusively for this show. Just by doing that, you can be involved, live on air! So please send us your thoughts and comments throughout the program!
Ko-ichi:...hash potato!

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