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DALATH [07 Oct 2012|03:12am]

Hey guys, there is a new Japanese Band called DALATH and you should really check them out

If you like them, please join their page on Facebook!
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Selling HYDE [06 Mar 2012|06:15pm]

Hi guys.

I'm wondering if anyones interested in buying these dvds for a reasonable price, [Because i'm considering selling them to clear my overdraft].

HYDE: Faith live 2006 - 2 disk - Ki/oon Records Sony BMG Music entertainment Taiwan 2 disk 88697026009
L'arc en Ciel: Asia Live 2005 - Ki/oon Records Sony BMG Music entertainment Taiwan 2 disk 82876857869

Images below cut.

Looking for offers.
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Announcing a new Fan Art Competition!!! Winner gets a Poster of the Gazette’s Red Single [01 Oct 2011|02:34am]


In order to promote our new Webzine Homeless Visual Kids, we are annouccing what will be an on going trend!

Just so you know, HVK will be having many other competitions like this. ^^

The website has a picture of the poster and also the same information I have posted below. ^^

Submit a photo/scan of your Fan Art to homelessvisualkids@gmail.com
The final day to submit your work will be October 14, 2011
You can draw anything you like as long as it’s related to Visual Kei, that means it can be any musician, a scene from a PV, the cover an album etc.
 After I have compiled all the art work, I will post them up the days following the 14th
Those visiting the site will be able to vote for whichever piece of art they like the most. Whoever gets the most votes wins the prize!!!!!!!
The polls will stay about for 7 days. So, you will know if you won by the end of October. 

(mods please delete if not allowed ^-^)
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JrockHeaven [08 Sep 2011|01:41am]

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ShoutCast show about to start! [29 Jul 2011|09:25pm]


BratCatRock.com is about to go live with its first ShoutCast show featuring Rock, Metal and Punk music from Japan.  Check out http://twitter.com/#!/LifeIn_Dminor for more details!  Less than 10 minutes until the show starts!
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Morning Music Tweets! [18 Jul 2011|09:50am]

If you're looking for some hot new bands to check out from Japan or maybe you've forgotten about some of your old favorites you use to listen to, come check me out on twitter @LifeIn_Dminor for my Morning Music Tweets!  『NO MUSIC - NO LIFE』 J-Music Tweets to help you discover new bands or rediscover old ones. 世界は音楽を通じて団結しています! LifeIn_Dminor on Twitter!

I support both @HearJapan for legal J-music MP3 downloads and @CDJapan for buying J-music CDs & posters outside of Japan.  I also have both musicians and DJs who follow me!  

So check me out on Twitter, follow me and if you'd like me to follow you back, just tweet me and let me know and I will!  Don't forget to tweet me your suggestions of bands I should check out while you're on Twitter!
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HearJapan delivers the new music of X Japan singer ToshI to the world [21 Jun 2011|02:05am]

ToshI delivering his angelic voice to the world.


Yokohama, Japan — June 21st, 2011 — HearJapan is excited to announce that X Japan singer ToshI has just added two brand new singles to the catalog!

Hoshizora no Neptune and Haru no Negai both prominently feature ToshI’s legendary vocal style set along-side elegant and moving piano melodies and string arrangements. These songs of separation, miraculous encounters and beauty could be considered metaphorically about the victims of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Their power and majesty work to heal all wounds.

Both Hoshizora no Neptune and Haru no Negai will be available to download the second they go on sale in Japan. Hardcore fans overseas won’t have to feel left out of this monumental communal experience! Make sure to pre-order now and set your alarm so you can be the first to own these incredible new ToshI singles as soon as they go live!

Also, don’t forget that along with ToshI’s healing voice, 5% of ALL HearJapan sales go toward the continuing relief efforts in Japan. And make sure to catch X Japan on their current world tour!



Hoshizora no Neptune

Haru no Negai

More about ToshI


HearJapan is the largest and fastest-growing place on the web to purchase Japanese music of all genres. Featuring over 5,000 artist profiles in English with 40-second samples of all songs. Over 100 releases are added every week to the currently-available 40,000+ songs in the 100% DRM free catalog. HearJapan is a great place to find the hard to find and to explore the unexplored in the world of Japanese music.


twitter: http://twitter.com/HearJapan
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HearJapan
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Dragon Ash Tour Rampage April 22nd at Zepp Tokyo [30 May 2011|03:09am]

Dragon Ash Tour Rampage
April 22nd at Zepp Tokyo

The concert held on April 22nd could be considered as a monumental moment in the history of Dragon Ash. Their newest album 'MIXTURE' aims to show in a definitive way what it means to be Dragon Ash, and what it means to be a 'mixture rock' band. Over the years they have succeeded in fusing together rock music with various other genres, primarily rap and hip hop. Having accumulated a vast amount of experience, and having experimented with all sorts of music styles, Dragon Ash decided to go back to their roots as a hard rock band. The new album 'MIXTURE' thus sends a powerful message to fellow artists, their fans, and to the rock music scene. The nationwide tour 'Dragon Ash Tour Rampage' provided an opportunity for the fans to directly experience the band's message. Everything culminated in a spectacular way during the final concert of the tour at Zepp Tokyo on April 22nd.

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New Zi:Kill Community! [15 May 2011|10:20pm]

Hey fellow Jrock Fans,

I noticed that there wasn't a community on lj dedicated to Zi:Kill so, I created one. If any are interested please join ^^

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GUILD TV Saturday April 2, 2011 from 10pm [16 May 2011|02:42am]

GUILD TV Saturday April 2, 2011 from 10pm

Host: Guild TV has started! Good evening viewers and good evening Guild!
All members: Good evening!
Host: Well, let's get started with introductions.
Ryuichi: I'm the vocalist, Ryuichi.
Yoshihiro: I'm the guitarist, Yoshihiro
Takuma: I'm the bassist, Takuma
Ko-ichi: I'm Ko-ichi, on drums
Host: Well then, you can participate in this edition of Guild TV via Twitter., So first let's go through how you can join in on the broadcast. Ryuichi could you please do it?
Ko-ichi: Yes, hash potato!
Ryuichi: Uhh, hash potato? No. no...Viewers from abroad please follow "musicJAPANplus" and Japanese viewers, please follow "jp_mjp" Twitter accounts. Once you're a follower, please tweet messages directed at that account and include the hash tag #GUILDTV, which is used exclusively for this show. Just by doing that, you can be involved, live on air! So please send us your thoughts and comments throughout the program!
Ko-ichi:...hash potato!

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The Tokyo High Black Drummer Gey [12 May 2011|12:40am]

So, I am reseaching to find out more about this guy, Gey (yes, no pun intended). Apparently he is x-Miduha and may have been a roadie f Kra.
Does anybody know anything else about him?

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Weirdest Jrock video you've seen [26 Apr 2011|01:40am]

Ok, so I was watching some videos and I came across well, a lot of ones that are just plain strange and I mean strange for Visual Kei (if such a thing is possible). For instance KRA's Love Lab where the chubby boy falls for his love coach, a rough looking dude in a Hawaiian T-shirt.. Yeah that's weird or maybe that D video where that white guy sniffs Asagi's handwriting...weird too..

So, I was just wondering, what are some of the weirdest Jrock/VK videos you've seen.
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JROCKER OF THE DAY [27 Mar 2011|04:09am]

[ mood | artistic ]


visual kei artists
spotlighted 365 days a year


Please join us at jrockeroftheday where you will get your daily dose of info, photos, media, and facts on artists from the visual kei genre. Anyone is free to join.

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Download the Japan Nite 2011 compilation for free from HearJapan! [09 Mar 2011|11:39pm]

Download the Japan Nite 2011 compilation for free from HearJapan!
Yokohama, Japan — March 10th, 2011 — The Japan Nite tour is about to
take the US by storm once again, and HearJapan is excited to offer up
an exclusive sampler of music from the bands!

HearJapan News

This nine track album has music from eight of the bands on the tour.
This year the selection has a rough and raw feel featuring punk, hard
rock and stomping electro from the likes of White White Sisters,
Vampillia, Suck Piggy, Ydestroyde, DJ TERAOKA AND THE REVOLUTION and
Lolita 18. The smooth grooves of sonodaband and ZUZUKANASISTERS serve
as perfect counterpoint. The entire compilation will grab listeners by
the scruff of the neck and never let go. Just like you would expect at
the live show!
Fans of the crazy underground Japanese scene might be excited to know
that Vampillia is made up of a large number of big names, like
Chikada, the drummer of World's end girlfriend. There is also drummer
Tatsuya Yoshida from Ruins and Korekyojinn. Then there is Toyohito
Yoshida from exBOREDOMS. In total they have three singers, three
string players, two drummers and more!
Japan Nite is the longest running US tour to exclusively feature
Japanese bands. They always have an excellent line-up of bands both
old and new, known and unknown. You will find a lot to love, so don’t
pass up the chance to catch this exciting show!
You can get the 100% free sampler, more info, images and videos from
the bands through the link below.
HearJapan is the largest and fastest-growing place on the web to
purchase Japanese music of all genres. Featuring over 5,000 artist
profiles in English with 40-second samples of all songs. Over 100
releases are added every week to the currently-available 40,000+ songs
in the 100% DRM free catalog. HearJapan is a great place to find the
hard to find and to explore the unexplored in the world of Japanese
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New free single from visual kei Jrockers Misaruka [22 Feb 2011|10:48pm]


Free Visual Kei MP3

New free single from visual-kei J-rockers Misaruka

Yokohama, Japan – February 23rd, 2011 – Hot on the heels of their recent live performance, vis-kei band Misaruka are releasing their next single for free, right now, on HearJapan!

Misaruka is a hot new band from Japan’s unique visual-kei (vis-kei) rock scene. They’ve played only a couple of times but they’ve already managed to shift over 20,000 free music samplers to their rabid fans!

HearJapan is excited to make their newest single available for free to fans around the world, right now! “Merrow” is a solid yet elegant rock song that’s heavy both on the guitars and the bold vocal delivery. This one doesn’t pull any punches, rocking the listener with its epic metal riffs and more delicate pianos and strings.

You can download this new single for free right now. You’ll also get a ton of bonus content, like a video message from the band and English lyrics. You can also read an exclusive review of the band’s recent live show on the site. Make sure to catch this content-heavy free single now and look forward to more new material in April, also from HearJapan!



Free Merrow download

Live show review (with plenty of exclusive photos!)

More on Misaruka

twitter: http://twitter.com/HearJapan
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HearJapan
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Golden Bomber Zenkoku One-man Live Tour 'Zenryoku Baka' Tsuika-koen Final [04 Feb 2011|08:02pm]

Golden Bomber Zenkoku One-man Live Tour 'Zenryoku Baka' Tsuika-koen Final (Japan Solo Concert Tour 'Zenryoku Baka' Extra/Final Concert)
2010.12.27 at SHIBUYA-AX

Golden Bomber Caps Off 2010 by Testing the Limits with 'Super Crazy' Performances!

Golden Bomber has been gaining huge popularity by establishing a whole new music genre: 'visual-kei air band' [The members only pretend to play instruments.] Recently they've been amassing their fan base at an even faster pace. They have made guest appearances in TV programs and various other media.

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Dir En Grey - Lotus (limit radio record cover ) [23 Jan 2011|12:49am]

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[13 Jan 2011|10:04pm]


mukuCHU circle lenses

Popular amongst Jrockers, Cosplayers, and Gyaru fashion!

Selling ALL products from GEO and EOS brands, and lenses from the UK that many Visual Kei artists use!!

New Year sale ~

Lenses from only $25 AUD / $23 USD per pair!

Free lenses case with every pair!


We have
Pretty lens cases set and Ipool Automatic lens cleaner!


Yes! We have in stock lenses and cases!

For lenses not in stock, we offer a fast pre-order batch system


As you may all know, Queensland is experiencing devastating floods. As mukuCHU is located in Brisbane, it is our duty to help in any way we can. As part of our contribution, we have decided that We will donate $2 from each pair sold in batch #17 to the Flood Relief Appeal.


Want free advertising? We are looking for affiliates!!! Email us via our site! =D

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[selling] 2 Luna Sea tickets (Bochum-Germany)!! [13 Oct 2010|05:32am]

Hello everyone! ^_^

I hope it's OK to post this here...
If not delete >___<.... but I really don't know where to post it ._.

Since I have some personal problems, I have to sell my Luna Sea tickets for Bochum [in Germany].

I bought the tickets for 62 € each.
It's the only European concert and my offer is:

56 € + delivery costs.
I hope someone here's interested. Just leave a comment please.

Thanks in advance!
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GUILD - First MJP Interview Before European Tour [30 Sep 2010|04:49pm]

GUILD - First MJP Interview Before European Tour

As GUILD will be heading out to their first European Tour, MJP (musicJAPANplus) took the chance to take an interview with the band, who will be visiting a number of places primarily in Eastern Europe, which have until now not been visited by any Japanese artists before.

In this interview, we would like to introduce the members of GUILD along with their thoughts on their new album release and the upcoming tour.

Please enjoy this interview and get excited for the tour!

-- Please introduce yourself with a short statement on your part in the band. (Each member individually)

RYUICHI: My name is Ryuichi. I am a singer.

YOSHIHIRO: My name is Yoshihiro. I play guitar.

TAKUMA: My name is Takuma. I play base.

KOICHI: My name is Koichi. I'm a dancer. Sometimes I play drums.

-- What kind of band is GUILD?

RYUICHI: Perhaps we are Japanese Visual-key Rock band.

KOICHI: From Kyoto.

[Read more...]
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