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Announcing a new Fan Art Competition!!! Winner gets a Poster of the Gazette’s Red Single

In order to promote our new Webzine Homeless Visual Kids, we are annouccing what will be an on going trend!

Just so you know, HVK will be having many other competitions like this. ^^
The website has a picture of the poster and also the same information I have posted below. ^^

Submit a photo/scan of your Fan Art to
The final day to submit your work will be October 14, 2011
You can draw anything you like as long as it’s related to Visual Kei, that means it can be any musician, a scene from a PV, the cover an album etc.
 After I have compiled all the art work, I will post them up the days following the 14th
Those visiting the site will be able to vote for whichever piece of art they like the most. Whoever gets the most votes wins the prize!!!!!!!
The polls will stay about for 7 days. So, you will know if you won by the end of October. 

(mods please delete if not allowed ^-^)
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